Description of the Project
Client: Aqua Engineering

Aqua Engineering is constructing a recycling factory in Warsan Second and retained the services of CRHI to carry out Design Services. The factory is located south of the Sewage Treatment Plant and north of Al Awir Electricity Power Plant. The project is looking at the structure of household waste and plans are to set up the region's largest waste-recycling project near Al Aweer sewage water treatment plant in Warsan. CRHI's role was to:

  • assess the impact of the proposed development on the existing and future highway networks
  • determine whether the proposed development can accommodate traffic flow that generates from it
  • identify the optimum access and circulation requirements from the development for all road users, including services, delivery, maintenance and emergency services
  • establish a satisfactory access arrangement from the existing or proposed road network
  • propose measures to mitigate any adverse effects

The plant will recycle 4,000 tonnes of waste a day, with capability to double capacity.