The Practice’s multi-disciplinary approach has driven the development and implementation of an integrated project management system which is under constant development. The main features of the current system are as follows:

  • The Project Manager has technical and commercial responsibility and reports to the Client on all aspects of the project. He also oversees the technical coordination between the team leaders of the various working groups or disciplines.
  • Ensuring maximum quality from specialised consultant in their field expertise by reporting direct to the project management consultant.
  • A design review and verification team provides specialist advice on matters of specific technology and procedures together with verification checks that the design meets the Client’s brief, and has been carried out to the appropriate standards, etc.
  • Progression of the network with respect to progress and costs, etc. is necessary for cost control and forecasting purposes. This is carried out on a regular basis, typically fortnightly, but as required by the needs of the Client and / or the phase of the project.

Using the above philosophy and systematic approach generally known as configuration management to project management, we believe that we can successfully expedite the planning,coordinated implementation, tailor made reporting and overall control of programmes of work.