Description of the Project
Client: Dubai Municipality

DHV Campbell Reith were appointed by Dubai Municipality to conduct a Comprehensive Pedestrian and Bicyclist Study in Dubai. The main objectives of this project are:

  • Review and improve current Dubai Municipality practices and standards related to the provision of pedestrian and bicycle facilities.
  • Review international practices adopted in the interest of pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Identify pedestrian and bicyclist problem locations in Dubai.
  • Recommend solutions to overcome these problems.

All aspects of current practices were reviewed including Planning, Engineering and Design, Legislation, Education, Signage, Enforcement and Environmental issues.
As part of the study, an inventory of pedestrian and bicyclist facilities was undertaken by carrying out site surveys of all the roads. This inventory will be used to update and supplement the information already available in the GIS database.

Interviews with pedestrians and bicyclists conducted at sample sites were used to ascertain pedestrian and bicyclist behaviour and identify areas of concern. Proposals for improvements at various locations will be made based on the information obtained as part of this study.