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Description of the Project
Client: RTA – Roads & Transport Authority

The development of Bus transportation has closely followed advances in automotive technology and the improvement and expansion of the highway network. Modern highway system and the development of more comfortable and efficient high speed buses have made bus transportation one of the leading means of public transport in many countries.

In this regard, Roads and Transport Authority intends to build the Bus station at Al Karama. This will be a forward step in improving and developing the public transport in Dubai, as well as being inline with an environmentally friendly policy.

The site is located in the Al Karama Industrial district at the corner of 45b Street and 20b Street. The development mainly consists of a bus station comprising of a proposed ground floor with a basement and three floors. The Al Karama Bus Station is conceived as low impact development within the community, designed to be sensitive to the local context in terms of form and scale and therefore will principally be used by the local residents and workers.