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Description of the Project
Client: Nakheel
Consortium: DHV Campbell Reith

Nakheel Developers (formerly Dubai Palm Developers) awarded DHV Campbell Reith the contract to undertake a peer review of the geotechnical reports carried out for the realisation of Palm Island Jumeirah off the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The scope of work included:

  • Review of several reports pertaining to the geotechnical investigations that have been performed by others
  • Provision of geotechnical advice pertaining to the soil conditions in relation to the project as a whole
  • Provisions of recommendations consisting of technical specifications for the improvement of soil conditions in order to prevent subsidence and long term settlement
  • Review of test results and submission of reports regarding findings and additional recommendations

In addition to the above, the scope was extended to predict settlements of the villas at the fronds due to loads on foundation.